CreaMetrix is re-launching Insight Community soon!

Insight Community by CreaMetrix is a new approach to co-creation.
It is helpful tool for NPD marketeers and innovation managers

About Us

CreaMetrix is a Moscow based full service market research agency, founded in April 2010. We focus on implementing new market research tools on the Russian market. Our company aims at meeting clients’ challenges in the field of innovation and NPD, bringing a fresh approach to the market research solutions. We act as a liaison between consumers, manufacturers, and retailers.

CreaMetrix offers our clients up-to-date research tools, as well as a deep expertise in marketing research, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

One of the areas the company is also focusing in Russia is online based co-creation platform. We recruit creative consumers to our Insight Community, which can help us translate consumer insights into new product ideas in different product categories, test new product and packaging concepts, find right roots for effective advertising, and finally help our clients create breakthrough innovative solutions.

The company's mission is to help clients achieve success in innovations!

CreaMetrix name reflects our philosophy. We focus on the CREATIVITY of consumers and on the METRICS of successful innovation. We believe that creative consumers can provide invaluable input into the process of NPD. Our metrics include reliable indicators on each stage of new product development, starting from the understanding of consumers insights to the stage of new product launch to the market, and tracking its performance.

What we offer to our clients

Feature One

Business can only survive and prosper when the offered goods or services are attractive and relevant to consumers, and also have distinctive features

  • But how do you launch new products on the market?
  • Where did you get the ideas?
  • Do your ideas, concepts and prototypes match the consumers needs?
  • How is packaging of your new product perceived by consumers?
  • Is your new product different from your competitors?

CreaMetrix offers you exhaustive information at every stage of the process entering the market with the new product.

Feature Two

CreaMetrix offers its customers a customized approach and ready-made solutions in the form of marketing tools, tested in different categories and markets.

These tools are a set of qualitative and quantitative techniques that are used either individually or in combination with each other to meet the specific needs of our customers

Feature Three

Co-Creation Laboratory is the place where marketeers and R&D specialists meet their customers and create together with them new products and services. We invite only creative customers to participate in this tough, but very exciting job. Our tool Creative Lab is used to structurize this task.

What is co-creation?

Working co-creatively means interacting constructively with your customers to generate ideas together. It is not about just listening to their opinions via the classic stimulas/ response model. It’s about translating business language into everyday words helping to evolve concepts into more lifelike entities. And vice versa it's about translating consumer language to the relevant business content.

Learn more about co-creation from Vision Critical

Feature Four

CreaMetrix was the first research agency in Russia, which had launched online community of creative consumers on the base of Vision Critical platform in November 2011.

You can read more about it in press.

With our new online community platform we are going to provide features such as discussion forums, online diaries, blogs, ethnography, brainstorming exercises, surveys, and quick polls.

This tool will help you:

  • Encourage conversations among consumers and marketeers and arrange continuous customer dialogue.
  • Identify what consumers really think about your product, packaging, advertising, etc.
  • Define what your product or service require to become more attractive.
  • Create together new product prototype, new packaging, and check relevance of new advertising roots;

Insight Community is coming soon!

  • CreaMetrix community platform is under development now

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Standard Solutions

We've completed 57 global projects since we started back in 2010!

CreaMetrix Research is involved into the global partnering network of research agencies called OPEN WORLD, which is aimed to provide quality services around the world in the field of innovation and NPD. This network is covering countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and also North & South America.

If you would like more information on our global marketing research services, please contact Mr. Frédéric Miedzinski, Chairman of the OPEN WORLD by emailing : or calling : +33 1 43 43 94 91

Brand Pull Study

Measure your Brand Pull in respect of competitors worldwide with detailed description

The Brand Pull study of Open World Standard Solution will tell:

  • Your overall Brand Pull on a single index.
  • Its foothold on the surveyed market.
  • Its image: Economic, Identity, Emotional, Ethical.

In order you can tackle the considered market according to the priorities for your brand.

Buy One Study

The Buy One study of Open World Standard Solution will tell:

  • The appeal of your pack relative to existing options.
  • What elements drive this appeal.
  • Highlight areas of improvement.

So that you can decide whether to release your new products and what elements.


The ORSET study of Open World Standard Solution will tell:

  • Rank your products relative to your current competitors.
  • Identify key organoleptic features in the country surveyed.
  • Highlight areas of improvement.

To enable you to identify the best product for the target market priorities for your brand.

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Head of Fieldwork Department

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Head of IT Department (Front-end Developper)

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